Probably the best kept secrexksys_midt at Hammond is the XK Pro and XK Traditional Systems’ close relationship to the Hammond Mini B.  Both XK Systems are identical to the Mini B internally, utilizing the exact same hardware.  Only the cabinet and special Mini B software are different (the Mini B has special software which automatically defaults to the transposition page).  That is all!  For this reason, the XK-Pro and XK-Traditional Systems have become quite popular.  Mated to the 971 Leslie in red walnut finish, the XK Traditional System has all the look and feel of a regular Hammond Church Organ ProXKtogether with the same power of the Mini B Organ System with its 971SE Leslie.  Mated to the Leslie 3300, the XK Pro System becomes the ultimate portable Gospel Organ!  Even the XK Traditional System gains portability with the Leslie 3300.  With a 12″ bass woofer, the new Studio 12 Leslie opens  even more possibilities for the budget-conscious Gospel player.