Welcome!  I’m Cliff Unruh, owner of Hammond Central, the West Coast’s source for new and used Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers.  While the Hammond Organ is used in all sorts of music, it is Gospel music that really brings the Hammond alive and, as we all know, the Hammond Organ is, in every sense of the word, Gospel music.  Nationally renowned Gospel Organist and minister, Deryl Winston, Sr., and I have put this site together for the benefit of Gospel players everywhere.  There is a brand-new Gospel Hammond Organ Forum here where you can compare notes (pun intended… shame on me) on Gospel technique, harmonization, chords and turnarounds, etc.

On this site are pages about the various new and used Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers available to Gospel players, listing the good points of each instrument and speaker along with any limitations that are important to know before one makes a purchase.  Should you have questions about an instrument or speaker, you can simply comment on this site or visit www.hammondcentral.com and use the contact form.

Enjoy the Gospel Hammond Organ site and we hope you find the Gospel Hammond Organ Forum of benefit.